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A private investment group with a unique model of capital allocation.

The Requina Playbook

Requina is a private investment group headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in Kuala Lumpur and Los Angeles. Run by a team of seasoned investors and entrepreneurs, our mission is to allocate capital to different asset classes using an entrepreneurial mindset to secure the best risk-adjusted returns.

Our strategy involves acquiring controlling equity interests in businesses, before applying Requina’s unique approach of enhancing operational, managerial, and technological enhancements to deliver superior shareholder returns.

Full Revenue Diversification

We aid the growth of portfolio companies via strategic bolt-on acquisitions and divestitures. We also inject capital to form joint ventures with other key players that share Requina’s values, work ethos, and mindset.

Business Creation

We inject capital to build new businesses which are within our sphere of competence, expanding into sectors already in demand by our existing portfolio companies. Shareholder returns are amplified by turning cost-centers into revenue-generators.

Financial Control

Data forms the backbone of our capital allocation process, and in turn, technology is at the heart of our financial control. We invest in cloud-based accounting and inventory management software to obtain real time access to financial performance across our portfolio companies.

Human Capital Allocation

Our philosophy: human talent is at the core of every business. We implement incentivization schemes which bring the best out of talent and align them with shareholder returns.

Globally Active

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With headquarters in Hong Kong and offices in Los Angeles and Kuala Lumpur, our global presence brings us in direct contact with investment opportunities.